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South Ribble Orienteering Club is England’s oldest orienteering club; founded in 1964!

The club’s geographical area stretches from Chorley in the South to Kendal in the North, and from Blackpool in the West to Clitheroe in the East.

Orienteering is a very physical outdoor sport, mostly undertaken in relatively wild locations; forests and fellsides and mainly in spring and autumn (although there are events all-year-round).

Competitors gather in an assembly area, often some way from the comfort of parked cars and then head out in lightweight clothing to find and ‘dib’ controls in the fastest time possible.

On returning from completion of a mapped course the competitor can then often be waiting for other competitors; family, friends, club-mates and get very cold very quickly! Although Orientereers are generally a hardy bunch the addition of a Team-Robe Shorty or Team-Robe Pro is a very welcome addition to the kit bag.

The Team-Robe Shorty allows competitors to easily change into normal clothing in immediate warmth and total privacy – the wide short-sleeves allow you to pull your arms through and have ample space in a wider body shape to fully change whilst protecting your modesty.

The Team-Robe Pro also provides ample changing space but is a better option for marshals, helpers and supporters who could be stood around waiting for a long time, depending on the success (or failure) of the competitors control finding.

Of course, SROC is a proud club with strong club branding – they would only want this on their Team-Robes…not co-branded…just theirs.



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