Windermere School

From: £130.00

We originally made these for Windermere School in Spring 2022 and at that time we only offered our Team-Robe: Shorty – the short-sleeved, wider-chamber, changing robe. This is the robe being worn by the models in the photo’s here. Note that for younger children the short sleeves still come fully to the wrists. Our models in these pictures were 12 and 10 years old.

Since then we have designed and introduced our Team-Robe:Pro Robe – a long-sleeve and narrower chamber for all-day and all-round use.

We’ve also introduced a smaller size for younger children so please check the height of your child and choose accordingly.

Please consider the best use for your requirements. If for quick change out of the water then you will probably want the Shorty. If you want longer use and across multiple sports and locations then probably the Pro style.

Both have loads of changing space and super-warm so you wont regret buying either of them!

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